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Welcome to the Subaru Tuning area.

Subaru_logo.svgAt Power Engineering we have all you require to maintain and improve your Subaru: from a fully equipped workshop staffed by experienced car enthusiasts to a 2200 bhp four wheel drive rolling road.

All prices quoted within these pages are exclusive of UK VAT, with the inclusive price shown in brackets. Errors and omissions excepted.

Vehicle Maintenance

We are fully equipped to carry out all types of servicing and maintenance for your Impreza from the 1st service check over to major services and cam belt changes. Schedules and prices for servicing to follow soon.

Rolling Road Tuning

We have some of the most up to date and sophisticated equipment in the country, which we can use for setting up your car. We have both 2 and 4 wheel drive rolling road set ups both capable of handling 2200 bhp. This enables us to carry out detailed testing and development work as well as accurate and repeatable performance testing and diagnostic tuning of all cars.

Rolling road tuning is becoming more and more of a compulsory tool for tuning and diagnostic companies with vehicle emissions and electronics playing a greater role in the complex performance of your car than ever before.

Unfortunately very few workshops have the luxury of this equipment due to the high costs involved both in buying and staffing a good dynamometer set up.

We use our rolling roads for many different tests. It can be used for the following:

  • Speedometer calibration
  • Diagnostic fault finding
  • 4 wheel drive transmission operation testing
  • Gearbox efficiency testing
  • Engine power testing
  • Gearing calibration and calculations
  • On board temperature testing
  • Engine and transmission “running in”
  • Pre-race shakedown testing

Principally what it allows us to do is to run the car in real life conditions using the full transmission, fuel, ignition, exhaust and control systems within our workshops. This means that whatever the problems or tests required we can carry them out in controlled and repeatable conditions.

Whether this is running at high speed to find a fault or carrying out a quick power test. We save all records on computer so future testing can be compared with current data and provide a printout of the results. Rolling road power test: £45.00 (£52.88). Rolling road diagnostic tuning: £125.00 (£146.88).

We carry out a separate diary for booking rolling road tuning so if you want to make an appointment to see us please telephone 01895 464646. Chris Todd, Mervyn Carroll or Ian Ball will be pleased to help you.

Steering Geometry Setting

We have a huge knowledge of suspension and geometry. We have the 4 wheel Super Tracker Laser Alignment equipment which is necessary to set the Subaru up correctly.

We also supply the excellent range of POWERFLEX uprated bushes, which will control suspension geometry movement without allowing increased noise or vibration.

The Impreza has a lot of geometry adjustment available and this means that it is often wrong. It also means we can set up geometry for different handling characteristics.

Remember the best geometry set up will also give the best tyre wear.


Subaru News

This page is regularly updated with details of products and services recently added to our range and to provide details of products currently under development.